Curious about a button

This was the first (and only real) test-animation I made with the robot that was meant to be the protagonist of "Chasm". I was checking the scripts and functions to see if everything was working properly, and whilst designing the main set for the short, "Wall-E"-Trailers hit the screens. Though I had my idea well before the trailers' first public viewing, I didn't plan on competing with Pixar, thus ending my efforts on that short.

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The Chasm - Teaser

Just a teaser for my (now abandoned) short-movie project. I wanted to get some experience in modelling with Silo and just made a small movie for practice.
"The Chasm" got benched, mainly because Wall-E just about ruined my motivation to work on a short with a single, lonely robot...
Exchanged the ending to reflect the new "status" of the short.

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Bodybuilder Bob

This one was made with Maya for a course at the university. My first jump into today's standard of animation via keyframes. Given the timeframe and my unknowledge of how to use Maya and it's various bugs, I think it turned out quite... Eh. Nooblike. ;-)

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Given the IRTC-Topic "Duel", I came up with a rather traditional Highnoon-Showoff, though I put into the 21st century, using rockets, alien UFO and big explosions instead of hot, western desert winds. I even made first place, not bad for a first attempt!

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