Below, you'll find various Scripts and Include-Files I wrote for POV-Ray and my images/animations. Some are zipped with a Helpfile in HTML-Form, most include either example-scenes or the Include-File is heavily commented. A little experience is probably required, but I've tried to be as straight-forward as possible when describing/explaining the macros.
I've also made a ZIP with TXT-Files for the Windows-Version. These can be placed into the folder of the Insert-Menu to provide quick-links to the macros and their usage. However, since I'm now working on a Mac most of the time, I guess I'll be doing more of the HTML-Helpfiles now.


Ease-Of-Use Macros

I/O Macros

Two duos of useful I/O-Macros:

1. Save/Load a vector/float/boolean to a given filename and load it.
2. Save/Load an array (up to 5 dimensions) filled with vectors/floats/booleans to disk, and load.

Just a few simple macros to give every Pover the chance to do some frame-by-frame-data-(re)cycling.

Last update on source: 26.03.03

Cubic BSpline-Macros

A set of macros to calculate positions/normals on cubic bezier-splines, create tubes and generate a series of evenly spaced positions on the spline for smooth transitions.

Last update on source: 02.12.04


Macros which may be used to rotate any object (centered at <0,0,0> and facing -z) to simply look at a given position. Using some transformation-arithmetic, any object can look anywhere. Look in the file's comments to understand the macros' concepts.

Last update: 24.09.03


Due to a change from 3.1g to 3.5, POV-Ray stops when it tries to normalize <0,0,0>. This is useful when you're working with objects, like positioning along a line. But when calculating this may happen very often, and sometimes may even be intended. Since a lot of my Macro-Sets make use of that, I decided to put it for download here.

Last update: 14.01.03

Modelling Macros


For "Gerberas" and "Worldbowl 2003 Edition", I've made some use of meshes and triangles. The basic assumption is that the mesh is actually a rectangular array of vertices, saved in a 2D-Array. These macros provide the basics for using such arrays. Includes macros to write the mesh as POV-Ray-mesh, -mesh2 and even Wavefront OBJ-Format, in case you need to export the mesh to a different 3D-application.

Note that these macros don't actually model or generate the initially required 2D-Array!

Last update: 18.04.05


A set of macros to sample the surface of an object. Useful for surface-dependant effects like snow, moss, dust, hair, etc. This ZIP includes the sampling-macros, as well as the macros to convert the gathered data either into hair or snow.

There's also a ZIP for the Windows' version of POV-Ray available, a bunch of txt-files to add to the Insert Menu.

Last update: 28.06.08

Spherical Distribution

This macro evenly distributes points on a sphere using an electro-static repulsion algorithm. It can output the final positions to disk.

Last update: 02.05.06

Animation Macros

Parsys - I/O Particle System

A bunch of Macros designed for a modular approach to designing particle effects. After defining sets of rules for different particle-types, particles added to a certain group will adhere to those rules. Thus, it is quite easy to integrate various different particle effects into the scene without complicated resetting and re-including of the Parsys-Include-File.
There's also a ZIP for the Windows' version of POV-Ray available, a bunch of txt-files to add to the Insert Menu.

Last update: 19.10.06


A set of Macros designed to simulate liquid surfaces (as in flat and 2D-based). The underlying algorithm was transported from its original 2D-effect by using the 2D-weights as heights and thus is suitable for simulation of waves in standing water (like a swimming pool, a pond or a glass of water).
There's also a ZIP for the Windows' version of POV-Ray available, a bunch of txt-files to add to the Insert Menu.

Last update: 09.05.06


The Rolling-Macros are a set of small macros, which can be used to roll spheres around. The macros calculate a rotation matrix which is modified every time the macros are called with a new position, thus creating the visibile effect of rolling spheres.

There's a short description of every macro in the Include-File, as well as a small example file inside the ZIP.

Last update: 21.08.05

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