"Too Lonely"

The Idea

The given IRTC Topic was "Loneliness", and after "Iced Land", this was the next idea I came up with. Call me depressiv, but I just wanted to go to the extreme on this one.

The Objects

As always, everything is pure POV-Ray, mostley CSG. The note is a heightfield using some pigments as pattern, everything else is a mixture of cylinders, cones, spheres and torii. Boxes were only used to cut sections away...

Two image-maps were used, one, as is obvious, for the note itself, the other one, which is not that obvious, is an engravement on the cap of the pen, its on the lower golden rim, but hardly visible. Its just a "I know its there" detail...

The Lighting

I've gone a pretty parsing excessive way for this one: First of all, the glass, the pillbox (even its cap), and both pen-parts got photons tagged on them. The effect is mostly visible on the glass and on the shadow of the pillbox, but if you look closely, you can see it on the pen as well, the light is reflected onto the note.

Then, I processed radiosity for the entire image, using precalculated photon-data in account, but didn't actually use less detailed textures. I wanted to have a radiosity-file in case the final tracing process gets interrupted or needs to be restarted due to memory issues.

Personal Note

Many say that the note shouldn't be that wrinkled, "who'd write on such a paper?". This (along with the placing of objects and the spilt pen) is just artistic freedom, its looks much more like chaos and despair in my oppinion. Having a nice and clean note didn't make much sense to me, if this person is actually committing suicide.

I really like the mood and realism of this image, although the mood may not be the best one. But every one has his dark days, right?

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