The Idea

The idea for this appeared in my head while I was thinking of an image I wanted to create for a once loved friend of mine. Since it was made during december of 2001, and we did not have any real snowfall so far, this was something I'd think would be enjoyable to watch.

The Objects

The Snowman's snowballs and coals are made of several isosurfaces, thanks to POV-Ray3.5, while the branches and the carrot nose are made of randomly placed blobs in a given confinement.

The snowflakes were made using a macro of mine, which textures a triangle with a randomly turbulenced and scaled bozo-pattern, and then mirrors and rotates the triangle in order to achieve the six-sided flake itself (the idea was gathered from the pov-newsgroups).

The footprints were made using a heightfield. The plane was simply differenced with a box with exactly the same size as the heightfield.

The Lighting

Using the new radiosity-features of POV-Ray3.5, the objects were illiuminated pretty good using the near-white sky. An additional spotlight was used to have a shadow on the snowman as well as on the footprints.

Personal Note

I just hope the image did it's job of delivering a nice message after being delivered.

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