"Rainy Days"

The Idea

Sometimes, even though the sun is shining outside, you feel left in the rain. Friends you'd like to meet don't have time, things you *want* to do have to be put aside for things you *must* do, and sometimes, there's just no one there to understand you.

The Objects

The Sadguy and his umbrella were modelled in Silo 1.4 (a good subdivision surface modeller). The rain was achieved using my I/O Particle System and Look_At-Macro, nothing fancy really. It is recommended to view the larger image, as the rain-drops can't be seen that well at this resolution (after all, they're supposed to be small!).

The Lighting

A single area-light/spotlight with media-interaction for the haze, a few fill-lights and an additional area-light/spotlight to illuminate the sadguy from the side a little for contrast.

Personal Note

I sometimes wish I had more time and more cause to do brighter images, depicting a better mood. But often, when things are bright, I haven't got the time, until it gets dark and I get some time. Bad combination, I have to work on that.

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