"A couple Non-Solutions"

The Idea

Things weren't looking too well, so this image is kinda grim. I carried the idea to the extreme: when things look really, really, REALLY bad, people often start thinking about suicide, even though it may not be very serious line of thinking (sometimes, it just crosses one's mind without meaning anything). But suicide isn't a solution, it's just an end. Hence the title, "A couple Non-Solutions", cause suicide doesn't fix a thing, it just kills off whatever may be in store for you in the future.

The Objects

Just about everything was modelled with Silo, my modeller of choice. The needle on the syringe is CSG, as its such a simple shape that a couple cylinders would do.

The Lighting

Two main lights to illuminate the scene, one backlight for nice highlighting. I've also rendered a second pass with just backlighting, which was blurred and layered on top of the final render to achieve the nice glow that you can see on the syringe and the bright spots of the pills.

Personal Note

It's an extreme image and thought behind it, I know. Don't make too much of a fuss about it, it's still just an image and I'm an artist who likes to express something with his art.

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