"Love is a Vow"

The Idea

The topic of the IRTC Stills-Round for Jan-Feb 2002 was entitled "Worlds within worlds", and I wanted to make something about love. This was my first idea: two wedding rings, which are a symbol for the world of love.

The Objects

The figures were made using Poser4, and thus were rather easy to pose. I always made a couple in some position, and then placed that couple by hand to the desired location, which in the end should result in a heart-like shape.

The rings are made of two objects: a differenced torus, and an open cylinder with bump-mapping for the engravement (though switched off in this version to be more "general-purpose"). As suggested by someone in the newsgroups, the rings are of slightly different saturation and size to hint at a woman's and a man's ring.

The floor is a plane textured with variable reflection and solid crackle.

Offscreen is a simple sky-sphere with a pretty dark gradient, only needed for the slight blue touch on the floor and the reflections on the couples.

The Lighting

Just one single area-light, covering a large area for the smooth and very soft shadows.

Focal-blur was used for improved realism.

Personal Note

I like the details on the couple and especially the idea that each represents something special. Do you recognize any?

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