The Idea

The IRTC-Topic was "Lost", and I had just recently modelled the furry fellow seen in the image. I wanted to create some large scenery, like a cityscape or such, and started on the skyline. I soon nailed it down onto the geometric and monochromatic textures which contrast nicely with the warm and fuzzy guy.

The Objects

First, I scripted a small macro which would create a beveled box. Then, I used two loops to spread 15.000 large boxes and 5.500 small ones. The large boxes receive a randomly scaled and rotated checker pattern with differing shades of grey, whereas the small boxes are just plain white. The beveled edge is always black.
The plane uses a simple hexagon-pattern and a low-value reflection.
The background is a sky-sphere which fades from rgb .6 at the horizon to rgb 2 at the top of the skysphere. I've also added a black fog for artistic effect.
As for the red furry fellow, there was quite some more work involved. I modelled the mesh using Silo, which is a subdivision surface modeller my purse could afford. Then, on the main body, I sample the surface using my Surcoat-Macros (which gather samples more efficiently than simply using brute-force and bombarding the object with trace-calls).
The samples are then converted to hairs using my Surcoat2Hair-Macros.

The Lighting

The lightsources are all just shades of grey and thus, I get a black and white image, very straightforward.

Personal Note

I kinda fell in love with the furry fellows for a short while and thought they were cute enough to feature in a scene for the IRTC. Maybe I should come up with some mascot for my images and website at some point...

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