The Idea

It started with a woman, which I wanted to have flying through several layers of my Liquid-Surface-Simulations, such as to show a rising out of the depths. Many layers didn't work out, and it slowly turned into this.

The Objects

The woman is just a simple, reflecting Poser-Mesh. To avoid recursive reflections, she doesn't reflect herself, but only her surrounding.

The halo around her was done using the Liquid-Surface-Simulation-Macros and setting hills of waves to be textured with more than 100% transparency. This raises the brightness of colors behind the waves and was tweaked until the results looked nice.

Then there's some scattering media around her, to cast rays of light and make her shadow visible. This also required some tweaking, especially for the lightsource's position.

The Lighting

There's just a single spotlight behind the woman, tweaked in position until shadow are lightrays were positioned correctly.

Personal Note

Was a nice and quick work, but not much modelling involved. Also, it seems like the image has lost some of its sense (it was meant to present a personality rising from the depths, perhaps some unconscious level or so). Nontheless, looks nice and smooth. But I plan on doing some more modelling for the next image.

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