The Idea

A moment that I wanted to capture. There were either two ways: overload it with art, background and moods... OR make it as simple and beautiful as it was. Guess which way I've chosen...

The Objects

Two Poser 3 figures. The models were slightly post-processed using PoseRay to get rid of some ugly artifacts Poser 3's meshes produce, some vertices got collapsed and the normals recalculated. Nontheless, the meshes still produced some dark pixels, which I post-processed away by hand.

The Lighting

Believe it or not, but there are 115 lightsources in this scene! 50 each for the white and blue light, and 15 for the red light from below to illuminate the space between the couple. Why this approach, when Povray comes with area_lights, you ask? The area_light only produces soft-shadows, not soft-lighting. In this image, the setup of the lights might not have that much impact, but it was a testing ground for tracing-times and handling for further studies with more complicated setups (e.g. putting the lightsources onto half-spheres instead of on a disc) and provided some base approaches for that.

Personal Note

Well, all in all, this image will help me return to that moment when things get dark. Even though the person I tend to think of has changed after all these years.

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