The Idea

I had nothing to do, nothing specific in mind, and thus, I just grabbed a piece of art standing around on a shelf way above where no-one would usually see it, and modelled that one. It was originally made out of paper during an architectural practicum in the US.

The Objects

I've scripted two macros to create the rounded edges version of the boxes and the pyramids. I know that POV-Ray ships with a nice "shapes.inc" with which the rounded boxes could have been achieved, but I'm a purist and like to think of the images as "all hand-made"...

The Lighting

There's just one lightsoure and radiosity being used for lighting, but in order to get the highlights like I wanted them, I used a very low roughness value, but a very high specular value. So the highlights tend to stay in a tight region, but are very bright. Along with a facets normal, this create a very convincing metal/bronze texture.

Personal Note

Always wanted to digitalize something I own. This reminds me, perhaps I should do some more if I might want to get a dreamjob as a modeller for some special fx facility... They always need realistic props!

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